Dungeon update suggestion

People keep asking for a dungeon suggestion but they arent clear on what they want in it lol.



Dungeons will have a have a dynamic world or a entrance you can place in your world, in the dynamic world you buy dungeon equipment and trade your loot with others, you can buy “Swing grapples” which can only be used in the dungeon to swing around like a grappling hook in wide spaces



Everytime you enter the dungeon mobs and biome will be randomly selected, your mobs, loot, and buildings will vary in certain biomes, so its a game of luck if your looking for a certain item in a biome, biomes and different variants of mobs and loot make the game more explorative and fun, there will be tons of biomes that spawn and loot that is only founded in that biome, heres some of my ideas for biomes


Jungle (frogs, lions, maybe hostile apes and other exotic animals)

Underground alien biome (mob ideas: Humanoid alien bug type creator, theriomorphic variant of the bug, and some small critters that harm you) {CREATOR NOTE: i got a bit inspired by the lizard thing in terraria with the different variants of lizards)

Regular biome: rocks, cave wall. etc (mobs might be: skeletons, monster worms, zombies)


You can find loot in “Ruin” buildings, your loot and buildings you have vary on your biome (as said above) you can find temples, bases, mounds, abandoned monument buildings, this will be RNG based, so a building wont be in every dungeon, its random, and it depends on your biome


Mini bosses

There could be different bosses in each biome that spawn rarely and drop expensive loot, which people can sell for expensive.


Nice idea! Nether need to be updated! Hope jake sees this btw ._.

This isnt a nether update suggestion but ok

Just realize lol, but good enough 8.79480921840812490814/10


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I like this idea, mini bosses are good for dungeons tho (reply this thread again for bump lol)