Dupe glitch or something

I bought 1 wool shirt and hat and got 2 instead of 1

My ign is XILightX


Same with these
But the thing is it also took double the price so :skull:
Also using steam

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What device are you using? Ios android or steam

I am using steam
The double buy glitch happened to me again

it takes away the bytes tho

Interesting. I tested on android and it just didnt update the balance of byte coins until I closed the shop. Let’s investigate.

Also since you are here jake can you add the snowy rocks, frosted grass and frozen tree trunks into the byte coin shop
I need them to decorate the clan world lol

The only times the dupe happened to me is when i bought the wool sweater

I bought the sweater 3 times and it happened to me twice

I want him to add Vegetation walls and Stained Glass windows XDDD I can NOT find no sellers!

I think i have some vegetation walls actually lol
somewhere here

found them

That looks a lot like my storage world! :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want them

I got 1 seed from all 16… and they are farmable RIP