Dupe items I lost drac and dsw

I’ve been playing for almost 4 years I’ve been working for dracula cape for a long time I’m on my 2nd account and it’s the first time I experienced something like this I had a dracula cape and dark spirit wing suddenly my drac cape disappeared I didn’t have it in my bag I got an ss with my dsw clothing discord name to report this event but I didn’t know what to do dsw disappeared after a day please come back.

Ask yourself ‘ok, where did i get them?’

From what I’ve read and heard several of the dupes have been sold on mass. Which is ridiculous and could only be a dupe if so.

If you bought it from some random player then unless they were a rich and or long term player then again how would someone come into something so rare?

It’s sad that you lose the funds you have worked so hard for but the game doesn’t return items as far as I know.

Even if someone is blatantly scammed they don’t get their item back - for the record I don’t agree with this policy nor do I understand the logic of it … The scammer gets the last laugh at the losers expense …

It’s still worth you approaching the email support address. Good luck