Duped worlds

Like what the hell? Player #akren today duped 5 worlds. I reported all of those worlds… and guess what, he still is not banned…… he already duped @grass @fish @bsp

So admins, maybe its time to start doing something about it? :]

With love

the devs of this game are unexistent and despite the recent mod application our mods are all inactive

I don’t understand your post .

I just looked at all 3 of those worlds.

All seem normal, have 3 different owners (as in locks)

Not all even have WL… Fish is a really old SL on an unbuilt world …

So can you explain what you mean .??

For the record i also feel the game is anarchic at the moment .

But i have noticed ‘Bricks’ has been in PW which isn’t so common

Bricks? Isn’t the developer’s name BBricks?

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the only way to enter duplicated worlds is by global messages

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no… and hologram or hackers can just join with that hack program

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Well if world is duped you wont see that its duped only be entering a world. You can ger in to the world by warping