Easter update suggestion

the easter suggestion btw

new items

  • easter egg hat
  • egg basket
  • easter king crown
  • easter king outfit
  • easter king shoes
  • easter king necklace
  • easter king sword
  • hologram egg
  • egg cannon

new legendary:

  • bunny riffle
    good right? or no

new egg on easter hunt

  • crystal egg (legenday)
  • spirit egg (ultra rare)
  • ultra egg (ultra rare)

new trap:

  • 4 direction fireball trigger trap (1 fireball trigger trap have 4 direction left right down up)
    new booster:
    booster: rainbow booster

  • rainbow archer crossbow (legendary)

  • rainbow archer hoodie (legendary)

  • rainbow archer glove (legendary)

  • rainbow archer pants (legendary)

  • rainbow archer shoes (legendary)

  • rainbow archer cape (legendary) (glide

  • rainbow archer armor (legendary)

  • rainbow candy props (common)

  • rainbow checkpoint (rare)

  • rainbow hat (common)

  • rainbow cannon (ultra rare)

  • rainbow riffle (legendary)
    =should add more=


How do you get this items? It’s a lot and thinking this could be cool.

people are always taking ideas from somewhere else make it original

that is literally just the candy knight can you not just be original :confused:


I kinda like this one, everything else is just meh.

I would like to see Egg thrower trap instead @EndlesS

yeah sorry i have no idea for that

help btw i have no idea what legendary set lol

from easter booster and legendary bunny riffle from the easter egg surprise

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the knight changed into archer :smiley:

What it is supposed to do
Sounds kind of funny thing xD

oh that one just props XD nice looking props give 5 gems if broken