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Hello there,
I’m Samurai. I’m creating this post because of my previous post “Increasing price issue”
There was a lot of replies and I thought about. Why not to make few ways to make profit in less than a week or even a day.


  1. Fishing, Of course fishing is one of the best ways to make money in pixel worlds. As if you have lures and fishes you can either sell it for gems or sell it to people for world locks. Fishing is a process of atleast 1 day you can make atleast 5+ world locks if your constantly fishing and if your new to it you can make atleast 1 world lock. Depending on your rod, Lure, Gears you can earn world locks out of it.

  2. Mining. Most of the people mine and its a classic way to make world locks! Mine and sell the mgems in pwe or just simply sell it for gems!

  3. Trading, The one I’m most fond of, Getting an item thats rare or is limited can increase but once an item increases and gets more rare its demand increases. Items like snow owl, Hairs like Archy hair, Weapons like the sun hammer from the summer event in 2018 and so on has increased its price. People who own these items can make a ton of profit. Trading and selling is a good way to profit if you want to make a lot of world locks.

  4. Shops, Most people don’t know about this but. Creating shops are a good way to profit. All you need is items that has good demand. You can even create “lure shops”, “seeds shops (BSP shop)” , and normal shops. You can create them and sell them to gain profit. Advertise the world that has the shop and you’ll get alot of coustumers that’ll buy the items. You’ll need alot of items that are rich or that are rare, or even that has good demand in the pw economy. People that trade will come here mainly to gain profit. If you have limiteds in ur shop people will bargain for its price.

  5. Nether, Yes I mean it nether is a good way to get gems. you can invest only “150 gems” for playing one round and collect all the crystals and sell them in pwe for bytes or just break them for its gems! doing this way can make you atleast. More than 3+ wls if you do it for 5 or more hours it depends on how much crystals u can get. You’ll need good team. I made atleast 3 wls doing this for atleast 7 hours. I personally say you’ll need good weapons for finishing the nether.

And thats all. If you have friends that are new to pixel worlds that needs help with pixel worlds economy or to gain profit then please do share this.
Hope you like this post.


good :slight_smile:i change to #general nothing to do with marketplace it just for buying/selling items

Ooo I’m glad you liked it!. Let me know if you want more of such posts.

This is cool but seriously 3wls seven hours???

Mining can get you 300 wls 7 hours lolol

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