Economy peaking

farmable blocks that are so easy to get are literally being gatekeept and made insanly high priced


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These are interesting blocks also the two moon versions. I finally got a decent number a few months before Xmas …

They are very hard to farm from low numbers very erratic .

Having done so much farming at the end of last year i have found it staggering the prices stuff now gets… Even basic easy to get lava seeds…

Why is this … :thinking:
My only conclusion is that there is a demand yet few can be bothered to meet it! There is so much money in the game stuff is just bought .

It’s so lucrative I’ve been digging (no pun intended LoL) into my seed bank just to grow basic stuff that sells for insane sums ! In short it’s not just these few blocks I’d say it’s nearly all of them

I don’t mine but it’s way more lucrative than fishing and doesn’t require any special gear.

I see this as a absolute win