Egg machine SUGGESTION (for easter event)

so new suggestion in easter you can buy the item name egg machine for 100k gems
anyone can use the machine
it will pop a screen of the machine…
you need 5000 gems to use it
you will get 1 random egg gift put it in world break it gets random items
here some eggs you can got:

  • gift egg easy chance:
    egg thrower (rare weapon dmg 100 no critic 5 leaf dmg)
    100 gems
    rare chance for getting mythic egg (1000 gems ultra rare)
  • crystal egg medium chance:
    egg thrower
    golden egg 5x (uncommon give 10-50 gems)
    flying land (small prop ultra rare)
    rare chance getting easter dual blade (legendary dmg 120 critic 4% leaf dmg 120)
  • glowing egg hard chance:
    easter crystal 50x (gives 50 gems rare)
    50 blood scroll
    5000 byte coins
  • crown egg super hard chance:
    crown of king (ultra rare 1 armor)
    easter earring hard chance(change text box to yellow legendary)
    10 easter egg suprise
  • electric egg super hard chance:
    easter lord sword rare chance (legendary 125 dmg 10% critic 50 leaf dmg)
    1 piece of easter lord set
    easter lord helmet
    easter lord gloves
    easter lord armor
    easter lord shoes
  • legendary egg impossible chance:
    easter earring
    easter sword
    1 dual easter blade
    easter egg familliar
    5 bunny loco
    1 easter wings rare chance legendary
    EDIT:you can only use the machine 30 times a day the egg in the machine when you close the screen there like 4 eggs in the animation machine will be gone after you use it 30 times

how the machine like:
ALSO i tried making my best…

it was harder to make the eggs so just 2 eggs

Everything is great at all, but the machine costing 100,000 gems is just too expensive.

hmm what about 20 or 30

10k-50k for sure…
or less if this machine of yours is very very useful.

50? (20 charactersssss)

actually, the developers should be the judge of it.

What would happen after Easter? Would it just not work after Easter.

you can still use it after easter…

Spending 100K gems, just to be forced to spend more gems to actually get the items seems counterproductive. I assume some people would buy the egg machine, and then make people pay to use the machine that they bought.

If you ask me, it’d be better to put the egg machine inside PIXELSTATION, and then allow people to spend 5,000 gems for an egg. At that point though, you may as well just add another, more expensive Easter booster to the game, and have the items be obtained through that, so I don’t think an egg machine would be great.

hmm +1 (20 characters)