Electrical Bug list

List of bugs:

Why i list these as bugs i am creating timer what doesn’t require that i build timer watch with 24 Toggle switches +3 for each day and 1 for actual switch to set done message on. (1 Hour activation delay will come if misclicked not possible to interupt interval if its done with delay timer, Timer has its own persistant need for extra gates for starting activation as well it has its own delay to reset it unless added lots gates to solve this small detail.) in IRL Timers have lots choises when u are building electrics.)

Delay timer - 24 Hours as informed in tooltip isn’t accurate 23h 59min 59 sec is possible (need 4 to set timer for SB world to be ready.) and if u triggered off status it cannot be interupted without complicated set of electronics gates
Delay timer - cannot not set to be either On or Off related “powersource” is included in it.
Delay timer major bug is reset timer is exact same than actually growing timer.
As you set timer to Grow and u are done in 3h breaking all and planted u come off , set timer to run growing (reseting is only in action with Delay timers) - i know this can be solved with about 10 Gates but its pointless)
When u give Power to Delay timers tick input it will continue to end giving same result and if u use And gate or other signal is still on run to activate. --> Bug ! will give false result Turning off takes as long as turning on this should be optional. close by this type delay relay is used for Cooling systems but it has minium timer to disable minium and minium timer to be active -> as well it has Check for incoming power if its disabled it prevents to activate so timer resets.

Timer Bugs
Timer in first activation = instant On, after that starts counting toward off status and keeps triggering.

Solution to fix this:

  • Combine both timers to One only
  • 1 Timer only up to 99 Hours
  • Triggering Default mode Power Source connected from side On / Off (switch) one for Power and one for activation.
  • Determine endless Triggering mode or On / Off only.
  • Default mode either Instant Off, On or Timer.

ps. Add switch similar than Light on/off


Basic mistake on Delay Timer form or Timer form planning :
Timer in game has Memory and Timer or Timer relay doesn’t normally have like i explained.

I don’t think that’s a bug, delay timers are supposed to delay even when they are turned off or powered on. Maybe I misunderstood something but not sure.

Looks like a bug in the UI (slider allows 24h but it sets the hours to 0 for some reason). Should be a quick fix.

Not sure what this means.

I don’t really grasp this long explanation, either. As FarmMiner said, the delay gate will stay on for the time it has left no matter what. It sounds like the issue you’re describing has to do with a specific type of system. If you’re making very complex systems that include latches and other advanced techniques, you might run into some weird things due to the way the gates are evaluated.

Sounds like you’re controlling the system with something else in addition to the timer. Again, has to do with the evaluation logic.

How does this differ from a regular switch?

Overall, it sounds like you’re making a complex system that probably has a “short circuit” according to the game logic. The wiring system can endure “erroneous setups” but the behavior is undefined in some cases. The system is not perfect, mainly due to optimizations and the way PW worlds are constructed in general. We are aware that there are still bugs in the wiring system, but they’re incredibly hard to reproduce. You could post a screenshot of a bugged system, but these tend to be insanely complex and fixing the system by just looking at the screenshot is simply not feasible.

If you believe you found a bug and know which gates/connections are causing it, you could try to make a system as simple as possible and post a screenshot of that.

Not sure if this has anything to do with your specific issues, but we have this kind of (suspected) bug listed:
“The timer had gone from ON-state to OFF-state and back ON when the world was offline and some of the delays were still waiting for the first ON-signal. The delays and/or signal holders can’t probably handle all the state changes that happened offline and end up with faulty timestamps.”

Some delay timers had been chained to a timer gate in this case.

Sorry, how i typed details.
Delay timer in real life electronics require endless time power on to activate after timer run. (non Digital adjusted and No external power source)
Additional detail If power switched off when delay is running timer Resets.
Note this mode is when normal delay timer we are talking about it.

Lets take car Electrical switcher relay or digital relay both requires power switched on and has no memory effect.

To notice this bug : Set Delay timer to 20 second example , Set power on / off / on / off , watch what comes out . When power is off turns power on to light.

Bug in Timer
Power is instant on, works as car electic light timer, but this should have Default power on/off as start option makes easier to use without extra gates.
Current Delay timer acts as it has own power source what allows memory effect to be taken place. Switches on and off with repeating power what was on. This makes impossible to use for Reseting unless u plan place 4 Delay timer , Each one has to have And Gate to continue to next to make sure power is on , note if by mistake anyone with access in area switches … whole timer goes haywire.


  • in simple Request is to combine Delay timer and Timer to just one like i explained
  • Option to this memory effect Optional External power source on/off.
  • Option to Either switch instant Optional power is On/Off at start moment. (additional adjustment to timer)
  • Option to Timer work both ways On/Off. (as timer)
  • Option to Instantly reset to default status and timer after power is off, Option On / Off.

In this example the delay works as intended: It will stay off, until the first ON-signal is received after 10 seconds and then continues to run the whole on-off sequence. It will simply repeat the pattern no matter what, unless you do something drastic like disconnect the gate. I’m not familiar with real-life applications of this kind of gate, but this is how our design has planned this particular gate in PW.

Probably the same issue here: Working as intended. Yeah, you need a NOT-gate to have this functionality but it shouldn’t be too bad?

These gates have very different logic and I’m still not sure how they could be combined.

This is not a promise or anything, but would this solve your problems?

  • Timer and Delay gates with secondary inputs
  • Sending an ON-signal to the secondary input would reset the state of the gate (eliminate the pattern in the delay on/off example or start the timer over in the case of a timer gate)

Side note: It could be useful to have some of the more common latches as ready gates in the shop so that you wouldn’t have to make complex systems that may or may not support latches.

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pls Take Car light delay relay or digital relay, do check how it does work.
or take Cooling machine delay relay or digital version and check how it does work.
I have experience in real life about these and several others.
" Delay relay as memory effect when it has gained Power on and u switch off , Power delay comes on even Input gate has No Power. " (Memory Effect) - Cooling machine has this effect works with external power source to adjust powering when requires to startup perioid and shutdown perioid.

We can’t really modify the basic design of these gates as it would probably break many of the existing systems. The gates may not work exactly like in real life but they still follow certain logical rules. We’ll obviously fix the bugs, but I won’t go into design details here (it’s a forum category for bugs after all).

If input power = off - Delay timer = reset 0 and no power on possible.
if input power = on and whole timer time being on = Delay timer works.
if input power is switched off after 1 second being on = delay timer stops and power is off.
If u have timer long as 3 days 7 hours , it keeps on runing and its not posisble to restart as memory effect is on … shows its grown and ready to harvest … 3 days 7 Hours need 3 days 7 Hours time to reset so u can Set Delay timer on or u need break down Delay circuit and build it again !!!
If u currently switch with And Gate + delay timer to run again while its runing - Shows falsely that its ready to harvest again. (due Delay timer memory effect)

The signal has basically 3 states (yes I know this is blasphemy): Disabled/On/Off. The timers are “active” as long as they are in either On/Off state, and will only go to the “disabled” state when the connections are lost. The delay gate will simply buffer all of the on/off data, that’s all there is to it. Signal holder will just ignore the toggle, but I’m sure you already know all of this. It can be a bit misleading if you treat the “off signal” as something that should just clear the buffer, but that’s just how the system is. Making the delay gate reset the data when receiving the off-signal would disable the ability to “record” these patterns.

Unfortunately I can’t think of a way to reset the gate in a way that makes sense. I think you can wrench it and edit the time to clear the buffer but that’s not a good solution, either.

I think the only way to do this is to add another type of gate or some other way of resetting the delay to the game. I’m still not entirely sure what your system is like, but the best workaround I can think of is the regular timer. Unlike signal holders or delays, it will actually “reset” once it receives an off-signal. Then again, if you don’t reset it it will just keep on toggling forever.

Thats why i cant use Timer circuit, i planned to use it but if i break down even to 1 Hour perioids and 24 hours / 3 days 7 hours.
Note as its ticking, if ur seeds are ready, and its passed for 3 days 7 hours effect is “shows its growing again.”

Using a signal holder and a timer (along with AND-gates probably) comes to mind, but it might lead to a case where they depend on each other and that’s usually a recipe for disaster.

This will be fixed for the next update.

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Bug with Timer want to see Circuit connection ?
Endless Timer Ticking when no power for Timer comes.
Explained Circuit:
These required to have Power On / Off switch, And, Xor, Timer, Not and Light
Power On / Off Switch:

  • And Input
  • Xor Input
  • Xor Output to Timer Power on
  • Timer Output to Not Input
  • Not Output to Xor Input + And Input
  • And Input to Light

They should add a separate special wiring booster because, I don’t want to redesign my circuits to add power into it. Too much unnecessary complexity, just make it a new item. Don’t change the current ones, please.

Its bug i reported. Timer having endless power on without actually having endless power.
If u made Circuit u see it.
Bug in Timer and Delay Timer … nothing to worry

This has been taken to the mods have a nice day

  • Delay and Timers are bug fixed:
    24 hours is possible to choose.
  • Delay gate has Memory effect

In real life basic Delay Relays have to have “POWER on to Foward POWER” They cannot activate when major circuit has no Power on and it means timer will Reset to Off status.
Electronic bugs just exists still. Can make complex stuff but bug in basic electric structures in game are and if u plan item work in game doesn’t work in IRL same way. Or u move straight circuit to game doesn’t work similar way than in irl.