Elemental Damages but Performed

Untitled 02-16-2021 07-02-32

Untitled 02-17-2021 06-41-53

Coming more soon.

long ago the 2 nations were in peace until Fire disrupts Oxygen


Nice Art i hope you make more soon

The air one looks so smooth!

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That’s so cool! like the Naruto Chakra Change in Nature :heart_eyes: Try Making Water, Fire , Lightning Styles it would be so Cool

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kind of looks like the guy is grabbing a fart and throwing it.

grey fart :eyes:

20 char

The expression looks weird; nonethess the animation looks awesome! It’s really smooth.

I’d love to see more of these!

  • It’s really impressive!

This is amazing, especially the fire one :exploding_head: Can’t wait to see more!!

Imagine if they added Jutsus from Naruto that would be cool :grin:
Btw great job i love your animation :grinning:

Interesting, nice arts! I would like to see the other elements. :smile: