Elite water gun

So basically I just invested on Elite water gun and anyone had any idea if it was a good investment since it’s only have 50 in game. Not really 50 now since some trash some got banned and some were missing. I was thinking that it can come back but I’m not sure, I remember when the time it’s on sale in PWE, Jake do mentioned that it won’t come back right? Or am I wrong? It’s like few years ago and my Brian can’t recall it.

Basically long story short, will it continue to rise or no. Drop is 100% no. But how about rise?

actually it could easily drop if someone gets desperate to sell it. our “economy” is run by 12 year olds so it’s hard to say what will happen with prices. it shouldn’t come back as the description says “originally 50” or whatever but that could also mean there is potential for more to be added (unlikely).

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bruh i read that too, it only say originally, so I am afraid that it might come back again but only through PWE

hmmmmmmmm… can you talk?

yeah it’s kind of better if desti talked instead of showing circles and lines, I guess what he meant is that only 50 of those will exist and it originated from the PWE

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saying only 50 exist and originally only available on pwe means that if less than 50 exist at any given time, such as recycled or trashed, they may “create” more to make 50 again.

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I’m busy, heres a accurate representation of what im doing rn


work is work, sometime you gotta relax, dont work so hard.

@EnchantedBozz I highly doubt they will bring it back