End of pw

Guy predict when pw gonna die?
Dupe,hack,scams,inflation,loss of mods,toxic community(this might not be real),micro,lack to events+new limited items
Too many things make downhill of pw,when pw really gonna die…

Pixel worlds is in a downfall state. Unless a miracle happens or they completely change the game, nothing’s saving it now.

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At this point it’s not dying, it’s like GT, every year every month someone says the game is dying, it’s been alive for over 10 years.

Same thing with pixel worlds.
It’ll probably be another 3-4 years before it dies

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It’s dying but not dead
People said that for GT because it was bought by ubisoft which adds questionable P2W / ugly things but they still add lots of content

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My mate was in the cTalk yesterday and lokalapsi apparently said there is a new full time designer and content is coming …

Now either she (or Koukuri) can’t communicate well or it’s a smoke screen …

Fascinating giveaway she did, someone got a Netherworld orb !

Can you imagine the value of the world when that is placed!

Anyway if he understood correctly the events ahead are all being updated ??

Let’s hope so

Really agree with the comment “…that’s what they always say”…

The big question is what will happen when the server contract needs renewing? Thats more than a year off …

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In my opinion PW need new Devs team to roll. thats all

They’ll need more mods, yes, but if they act quick, i think they have a good 6 months - a year to act before they do something that can’t be stoppen.

At the point of playing growtopia, the game core dead.
Reasons: huge impact of indonesian guys, making a game their main source of profit (real money)
Not only they run the “underground” business in jammed worlds, filled with bots, they host casinos (take taxes/scamming/lying) on top of that they offer a bot service to people around (hacking their accounts and meanwhile providing a service, sounds weird but works in that way), even hosting a phishy websites where they just hack the growtopia save files whenever you are going there (they have it automated to the point that your account auto deletes after a minute and all your items being transfered in seconds).
They have a huge ton of accounts to operate with, they have a lot of “famous” people in game to have a cover by (after all, everyone is money hungry there even ubisofts, pretty sure they get something from this big pie, in other case all these bots and other type of 3rd party apps would gone immediately). But unfortunately this as works as it does not. Bots completely destroyed a somewhat “game economy”. It’s impossible for a new player to start off. Game filled with tooo much content, that your mind is falling apart to figure out what to do and you rather give up trying than grinding and gambling days to get something and after all… you’ll get banned by a mistake (because moderators decide who is using bots, who is using 3rd app and etc) and once you are banned there is almost no away to appeal. So literally game is all about: Die trying.