Epic Clan Quests!

Hello Pixelians!

I would really like to see some more stuff that you can do with clan after it will hit lv 10, I came with Epic Clan Quests idea.

What’s about?

When your clan will hit lvl 10 you could once a month choose Epic Clan Quest. Epic Clan Quests are very hard quests where you need to work with the whole clan in order to complete them!

To complete these Epic Clan Quests whole clan needs to contribute a lot of exp and complete hard challenges like exit nether 200 times, kill 1000 enemies or Mining type Epic Clan Quests. To complete these you would need to exit mines 300 times, kill 1300 enemies and contribute a lot of exp. I’ll let you decide what exactly should be these hard challenges after contributing enough exp.

Rewards could be a lot of gems for each member of the clan who contributed to the clan a lot. Epic Clan Quests reward system could be something like fishing tournament, best rewards will get those who contributed most to the quest.

These Epic clan quests could give you some special points for all members who helped to complete these quests but only people who contributed a lot wil get a lot of them. With these you could buy some really cool items from some special shop, these items could be undertradeable or be able to buy just once for each of the member but ill let you decide about that one.

I really like this idea, what about you? Be free to correct me in any way or add something else to this idea.

Thanks for reading this whole topic!

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So, this is like somewhat of a “Clan Games” from Clash of Clans?

I mean, I would prefer some sort of ladder reward tier (which doesn’t require IAP) over tournaments. Considering that there are some clans that are much more richer than others.

This idea could also be implemented for clans under lvl 10 not gonna lie, as long as they are REALLY hard. It is a choice anyways, to either participate or not :man_shrugging:

The reward/difficulty for lower clans could probably be lowered, and the rewards might as well be lowered. Clans who aren’t lvl 10 yet could take XP as a reward, so that the clan could level up faster (The XP does not include the Personal one, though)

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That make more sense and sounds better, thanks for your feedback!

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