Epic gaming face reveal

Yes, I’m hot

@Dby merch sunglasses
They’re too epic


download (9)

Same energy.


marry me


I fell in love directly




Dby merch approved licensed accepted checked liked proved showed done(d)

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No bumping old threads please (I made sure this wasn’t >3 days old because uhh you don’t need to know.)

New rando become minimod :skull:


I dont know who you are lol but im just going to do this again for you, little fellow mini mod!

:disappointed: I wish the community listened. It would have been so much better.
A dropgame is essentially , what you’re doing here, amplified. People not following the rules.
Okay before any “nO bUmpInG rUlLe OMg!!! Tlelcode lier!!!” arouses, we follow this culture as much as it should be a rule in my opinion. Unless it’s a game or something fun to do, you’re just wasting people’s time. You aren’t following what the fellow people here are doing. This is why people are disinterested in the forums, useless topics that have died out a long time ago. Now before posting anything down, THINK, think what you’ll be doing. I may be minimodding, but that isn’t bad, THIS IS, me having to post a 50+ word post just correcting you going against our culture ON YOUR OWN ACCORD. Even after I corrected you. You went against everything I told you, you went against our CULTURE. :disappointed:

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If I learned one thing is that people who usually do this don’t really like to read long paragraphs so it would be better if you shortened it if you want people to understand it better

They deserve it.

There are certain exceptions to the no bumping old threads rule.
Pretty sure Dby and Duckles are pretty good friends and Dby just wanted to make a harmless comment on this thread.
And you comparing this to a drop game is pretty out there.

? Just because they’re “good friends” doesn’t mean that rules don’t apply to them. He still bumped an old thread for no particular reason.

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Imo the rules shouldn’t be so strict in these kinda of situations, the no bumping old threads is a community set rule anyway.

Hmm I see now where the no “naming and shaming” rule came from…
I was comparing it to a dropgame because you can measure them both in a meter and it is just an amplified version of what he’s doing.
Dropgames were not generally illegal at the early days of pw. There was no such rule as “no dropgames allowed.” It was first employed by the community, then taken into action inside the game.

This isn’t as big of an issue as drop games, sure it may be abit annoying seeing old threads being bumped, but at the end of the day it’s not hurting anyone.

no 1 care if u learning lel

old threads sometime no need to be bumped

no harm if mini mod but sometime cringe lel