Epic or Dark Pickaxe?

Which pickaxe do you guys think is better? Epic or Dark?

Both have 3 range, same durability, but different gem drop.

I’d like to hear words from people who actually have used the dark pickaxe before, but opinions are also appreciated!

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Epic pick
so dark pick kinda gamble, so imagine dark pick gives you 1 huge gemstone

Or 12 Huge Gemstones

Yea i choose Epic pickaxe :+1:

I go with the Epic Pickaxe because it’s epic.

In my personal opinion, I would say the Epic Pickaxe is better.

The dark pickaxe is actually better because people are forgetting about the “more gemstones” gear. It would increase the chance of getting more gemstones, so while yes you could get 1, you also are able to get 13, and have a higher chance of such happening. The Epic pickaxe only gives 4 as a minimum, and (with this gear) 9 as a maximum. Seems to be much better.

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I think they Are Same good…

No they are not the same at all, currently making a video about it:

Like my last one was: Is Dark Carbon ACTUALLY better?
Video: Mysterious :red_circle:

I still prefer dark pickaxe, but since I guess it’s hard to get so. I’ll be using its alternate: epic pickaxe!