Epic pickaxe

are there people that does this kind of thing letting people rent some stuff because i actually need epic axe
i need it so i can farm faster if anyone wants to sell to me
ill pay it for 500wl but 1week to pay xD
since i dont earn that much
if thats ok with you guys i just need
epic axe to farm faster and go deeper in the mines

We won’t rent items to other players because we could get scammed.

it actually depends just find someone trustable most people are scammers out there
but some are decent that doesnt scam

you shouldn’t trust anyone

Yes saddly u cant trust anyone completely

Epic pickaxe is a very expensive item. I doubt anyone would let you “rent” it even if you’ll pay them.

Also, borrowing/renting the pickaxe for 500WLS in return isn’t really worth doing, in my opinion. Since you’re basically just giving away 500WLS for free in return for borrowing someone’s pickaxe when you could’ve just grinded the pickaxe by yourself, and you would’ve have to worry paying someone after.

I myself have already earned 3+ PLS just by grinding on level 1-3 mines, reselling some mining gears and keys with just a heavy pickaxe. And I’ve only started doing mining a couple of weeks ago.

If you only need the epic pickaxe just to “farm faster” I’d suggest that you buy tons of flask of breaking instead. It helps you break faster in the mines aswell.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone with sanity would trust someone with an item that expensive.
Every time that I have seen this happen in (GT), the person who lent it got scammed.
I’m not calling you a scammer, but I’m just saying.

I haven’t even been doing mining in lvl1 for 24 hours, and I have already gotten around 20 World Locks.

no not free like i get to keep it ill pay 500wls in all since its like an installment payment for 1week

Just grind for it yourself like everyone else is doing. It’s not that hard to do. And if you’re going to get 500WLS in a week, then why don’t start earning those 500WLS already and buy the epic pickaxe?

The epic pickaxe isn’t even worth getting, in my opinion. Since it’ll only help you break faster and adds one more range which isn’t even that helpful. I’d rather buy tons of flash of breaking and decent gears.

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i cant because i dont have a good pickaxe if i could i should have done it without asking for an epic pickaxe

Back then, I only had a crappy pickaxe as a gear because I didn’t have that much WLS that time until I worked my way up to heavy.

You don’t really need a good pickaxe to start profitting in the mines. Like I’ve said, I’ve only started mining a couple of weeks ago and I’ve earned about 3+ PLS with just grinding level 1-3. If I can do it, so can you, dude.

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Im actually making only crappy pic to epic Ive almost got sturdy Ive geen grinding for that only 7 days (only like 1 hour in a day)soo…
Its actually for my yt Channel so checkout Fazeus pw and u’ll see its easier than u think bro