EPWR questline!

Damn guys this questline is epic! i got around 200k gems and i leveled up from 86 to 90!

Also i will keep the stone , im waiting for new epwr!


ggwp pro,what color u think new epwr will be lol

It is going to be white

Hmm probably white

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PoV = You forgot green

Nah its gone be Blue

i wonder when new pwr comes out :eyes:


Hype! I personally want the black one, but it’s super expensive to do the quest line.


It took quite some time to gather all of those items. However, it was totally worth it for me to complete this questline. Congratulations.

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Very smart not getting another one and waiting for the new one I bet you could sell it for 18 pl the day it comes out

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@Orangehairguy no prob around 20 cuz its new and peopel wanbt it

Ye it could be it depends if many ppl are doing what sets is doing