Essential things for a guide world for new players

Hello there, I am currently working on a world for new players (I cant design a world worth a dang) to teach new players stuff about things about aspects of the game, in your opinion what things would be nice to teach newer players of the game?

I have mining, world lock earning methods for new players and fishing. Anything else?

maybe nether, and warn them about scams?

I was tempted to do this, but on the downside it can show less-then-kind people on how to do the scams.

How about “how to earn first bytes” or gems? (Its already in tutorial but I wonder why so many people still ask on how to earn bytes…

How to make a basic farm?
This could include how many blocks would you need to fill a full world with soil platforms.
Also how putting old divers shoes could help with taking the crops since it gives you slow effect. If they were to run then every 5ish tree would get left untouched.
Maybe the most popular farming items?

Worlds that are most popular for trading, fishing, etc?

Basic effects of items- it might be not obvious which effects wings and other items have- continious flying, or double jump etc.

Not everyone knows that there are some back items that have defence on it since you would need to check every back item information. (its confusing since some tough looking items have 0 defence while other plain ones 1…).
To add to this, just some cheapest combinations for nether and mining? (Ones which gives the most defence and attack for the least.)

You could include information on where to seek for more information (yes, butter with butter): wiki for recipes, this forum, some helpful worlds)

There are many more things but it depends on how much of job would you like to put into it?

let them learn pepelaugh

but yeah actual game mechanics and economy is something i always look for when starting an mmo
doesnt have to be too detailed, a general overview of what could make decent money works

Also a section about abbreviations, so new players can understand what other players say.
For example simple things like: WL-World Lock, PL-Platinum Lock, GM-Global Message etc.

I mean, building a replica of the nether modules could be nice for them to practice…
Information on which enemies to prioritize would also be better, since the starters would know the biggest threat they’d have to destroy at first.

Speaking of Nether, don’t forget about Secret Base.

Pet guides
^ i need this

Teach them about how not to get scammed

I’m just typing this for 20 Chars