Everything wrong with Pixel Worlds!


Oh my god. The way you play parkour makes me wanna die inside


I forgot to sub you, but i did, also theres so many tags lol

also on one of your videos, why did you heart a spam comment?

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XD, any comment I see, I have a tendency to heart it… but thanks for the support, :wink:.

Ha, I’m trash at parkour.

If you guys have trouble understanding me, don’t worry because I’ll add subtitles soon enough!

Tags help you get more views.

What went wrong? Everything that goes wrong with a game.

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A perfect game should evaluate on these flaws though.

Criticism isn’t hate nor is it negative and it doesn’t bother me if you aren’t watching it or not.

He’s right tho

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I agree to most of your statements, specially to your statement regarding the developer thingy, and bro I was mesmerized on how you play those parkours lol.

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Haha, apologies for the background because I was outside with the mates, :sweat_smile:.

Didn’t watch it YET but I hope you included minor mods and bad communication xD

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No spoilers, :relaxed:.

You watched it?

Lol, i agree with your video Pin. except you forgot abit of other things lol!

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Fair enough.

Please remember that constructive criticism isn’t hate and this video isn’t intended for negativity!