Executioner spirit

Tried making an enemy :crossed_swords:

Note: tried adding abit more shading.
executioner spirit walk

executioner spirit attacks

executioner spirit attack and walk

I imagine these guys to be quite heavy hitters and having a decent amount of health. Their damage and health is balanced by their attack speed being pretty slow.


animation looks good, but character needs shading.
his hood is just one plain color


Yeah I’m still abit bad at shading but I can try to add some more😅.

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Pretty cool, but yeah like fazeus says it needs more shading, like add reflections and shadows. nice job though :grinning:


Yo this looks sick


damn awesome animation! how long you took to create this?

It is shaded but the shading isn’t bright enough so it doesn’t stand out very well.

Thanks! I’m not completely sure but the whole thing together took maybe about 10 hours because I like to focuse on all the small details :joy:

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Yeah I detailed it abit after I posted it the first time.