Failing IAP purchases

When I try to buy any IAP in Pixel Worlds it errors. Bug have been since I started Pixel Worlds. Bug is only when I try to buy IAP on my android. On pc it works

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press “request a refund” (it is a mechanic for early purchases)
[in google play store]

I cant see any purchase of pixel world in my google pay history

Does this fix the failing IAP issue then? which we are also experiencing…

Nah it’s just a bug, you literally can’t make the purchase

When will they fix it?

Nobody really has a say in that matter.

Spend your money on something useful. Not for a sinking ship :skull_and_crossbones:

Yes. I can go to shop and use my play store gift card and use it to pay food🙂

Even the food you will buy is worth more than the game lol. Get yourself a nice steam game like Battlefield 1-4 or something. On sale they are like 5 bucks

Pw is more important imo

well, one may spend money wanting to help the developers and support them but currently even if one spends that money, they dont have any updates regarding pixel worlds game’s future neither plenty of communication with devs. So in my opinion the best option is to give that money to people who are in critical situations and need it

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