Familars or Pets?

What should i buy? ill spend around 70k for it
still confused to either ill buy a familar (minibot) or a pet to get keys or such since both of them are neat.


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Pets are pretty much fun and profitable as well. so maybe you should buy pet.

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Oo boi, thanks for the suggestion. but i wont buy it directly after 24 hours. ill be checking this thread if people suggests me for pet or familar.

thanks for replying.

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Pets take much more time and work, but do give you those tokens and gems. If you play daily then I would get a pet

The minibot doesn’t really have an commitment and no real reward except looking cool and adding to your player’s set

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your making me want to buy a pet now :blush:

Do note though, that pets that have a low level won’t give that much. I’d suggest sending them to adventures starting from Level 6 and above.

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right away, ill wait for my pet to grow up to level 6 on my list.
might try it ones i bought it.

heres a few tips if you need any

  1. I would not get more than 2 pets as at level 10 they have a 12 hour adventure time
  2. sell they keys for bytes in pwe easy to sell (Wait for base to end)
  3. buy the basic food (ull save alot of gems)
  4. try to take care of them best as you can because they will bring you better loot
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4 pet then farm 5k more and get white bunny if you want to familiars are almost uselesss so

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here’s my tip for whatever make multiple accounts get pets and gems and send them on adventures at level one @Ghustie confirmed that you can get gold tokens so just go crazy

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If you’ll get pets, get only 2 of them, because level 10 adventure length is 12 hours, so more than 2 is a waste of gems. They do need to be taken care of, but pets are a good way to slowly earn gems and bytecoins without that much work.

Here’s my current status on bubblegum tokens and gem pouches, note that I’ve sold like 1600 or more puny gem pouches, which would be an extra 320k gems:

Chests and keys, I’ve used some keys as well:

These loots are pretty much all from pets, but it has taken over 230 days to collect them all.


You can profit with pets then buy familiar :sweat_smile:

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ill buy 2 now, i shall see if its profitable to me or not.

i have 5 acc total, might only use 40k gems usuable for 2 acc only because im running low.

wait for them to be lvl 10.
It will take you some months (atleast for me it took a lot of time since 1week I wasn’t on and the pets were dying) , I dont find it profitable though , since lvl 10 doesn’t have a chance of 100% golden token.

Familias are just floaty boios that dont do that much meanwhile if you have the dedication pets can be profitable.