Familiar Battle

Pixel Worlds Brings You,
The Familiar Battle Update!

Description: Do you think those familiars are ultimately useless? Well, now we make it even awesome just for you! But you may know more information on how to do this and what prize will be given – new npcs may exists too!

Feature: You need at least 1 familiar to start battling any player. once you have the familiar and a player to compete with. You can start battling with him, but first. you would need to distance yourselves 1 block away each from the opponent player. afterwards you can wrench the player and press the ''Familiar Battle Button - (Button Color Red)". i also forgot to mention. The More your familiar’s level is - The more damage or abilities he/she will obtain., by pressing the battle button. a 4-slot trade design will show up at the down-center of each player’s screen. each 4-slot of those are the abilities you may want to use to attack the opponents familiar. Once you won, you will recieve a Familiar Token, Xps and Gems!

New items/perks that i can think of (the evelopers should add any thing what the want):

Familiar Token - Obtainable after winning a match.
More Info - (once the token reaches 100 then you cn obtain a Golden Familiar Token, and if you reached 100 Golden Familiar Token will give you 1 Platinum Familiar Token)

New NPC - Familiar Trader NPC. kinda acts like bubblegum token with its npc but with more new items and the npc may also be a boy based of the bubblegum trader.

TLDR - Battle someone for familiar tokens, gems and xps. high familiar levels = more abilitys and damages obtained . new npc that trades your token for an exchange item. the design of bttling someone is kinda looks like trading 4-slots but its design is red and you cant put any items in there instead youd need to press them (theyre the abilites) to defeat your opponent.

What do you think?

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i will +10
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good idea my mini bot was my best friend lol

3 nos and 2 yes in discord, thanks for the support boy.