Familiar Release Date {Help me}

Okay so I need to know when each and every familiar was released into the game. The order I could probably guess but I need the dates to satisfy myself.
On the old forum I would’ve just searched through the update threads however due to obvious reasons I cannot do so.
SOOOOO yeah, if you know the release date of a familiar or even know where I can find the info and let me know, that would be great.

edit: this list would also need to include evolutions if they came after the release which too my knowledge, that has not occurred for any familiar (although I could be wrong).

Familiars were released on 2nd august 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjETcQp6QyM
Bunny, crow, gremlin, ninja pickle and bot are from 2017 2nd august.
Correct me if i’m wrong.

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yep, that’s helpful, i’ll add to my list.

ty sir.

bringing up my post.

bringing up my post. again.

edit: even just the month + year of release will suffice at this point lol

You can research this yourself

  1. Look up old videos and look for people with familiars. Write down the video date and the familiars you saw.
  2. Look in PWE for familiars, when you press on a familiar it shows how old it is. Write down the oldest familiar you can find.

Do this for a few weeks

Note: the result will be more accure with popular familiars

i can research this myself AND i can ask others. there is nothing wrong with asking.

I know, just gave some tips

I feel like this is not a tip and rather an attack.

Anyways, looking for the oldest pet is impossible.

My intent was not to attack. Looking back at my comment I see nothing wrong though.

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The ghost, pumpkin, skull, and eye familiars were introduced during Halloween 2017, I’m not sure what day the event started though.

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