what is the best farmable??

spke bombs… or nether crystal (but dosent drops seeds tho)

i know nether crystals doesnt drop seeds but does spike bombs drop seeds?

Nether crystals aren’t farmable, because they don’t drop seeds. A farmable item is something that’s likely to give you more seeds than you initially planted after breaking all of the blocks, which is what makes them farmable. Spike bombs are farmable because they give you a very good return of seeds, and they’re worth farming because of the gems and xp you get.

Yes, spike bombs drop seeds, and they’re farmable.

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Spikebombs are the best farmable currently.

i probally farming nether crystals
i got over 10k on the crystal
i have 1 stack rn

BBB BLOCK its farmable, and give fair enough of gems yet you’ll break your fingers if you do
Spike Bombs & Hovering Mines also gives fair amount of gems those two farmables gives the same drop gem drop rate, Candy Block gives minimum gems but easy to break.

There’s alot of farmable in game, spike bombs and hovering mines are good and one of the best farmables in game,

Someone just answered that spikebombs are farmables, then he asked if they drop seeds :rofl:

ey bruh dont meme me :joy: