Farmer Items

There are good items for fishermen for nether warriors for miners but for farmers there is only potion, I think more items should be brought for farmers.
Fishers have rods miners have pickaxe nether warriors have sword etc but farmers need their own item only work for farming something like Scythe Can give extra blocks or seeds when cutting trees Or the tractor like in growtopia.

U should describe these items what u would like to see in game instead of sayng “i want more items” suggest ur ideas here;)

Before suggesting anything, you must word out what kind of items are you willing to add with and describe what the update is used for and why do we need to add it ingame.

I heard developers are moving on to farms and stuff.
“Many forumers/discorders has already suggested this kind of suggestion”

I forgot to mention:
Sickle acts as a pickaxe ingame (breaks faster than the normal ones)
Tractor is okay…
And there are already perks for double block drop chances.
P.S we don’t want to follow “Trashtopia”

I do not know how garbage a game has been standing for 8 years, but inspiration does not mean to follow.
Also i forget to say at start New farmables can be added to the game or an existing block can be farmable.

Trash like the community is toxic, moderators corrupted and economy dying slowly.

Thread about why developers won’t make another farmables.

There are 3 farmer items (kinda)
Sickle (breaks vegetation stuff faster)
Flask of Breaking (extra damage towards blocks)
Classic Pickaxe (extra damage towards some blocks, for example no extra damage towards magic stuff)