Farming Music

For you farmers out there, do you have any interesting songs that you listen to while farming? I am trying to broaden my horizon when it comes to music for farming and would love anyone’s suggestions for me to take a listen to.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Try to listen to this:

Sure sounds interesting, ill be sure to give a listen!

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Can I ask, why do you bother farming when you could mine and get gems much quicker?

I live life unpractical. Yes, mining can get me a lot more gems, but I dont focus on farming for gems, but more for project completion

Oh that makes sense, thanks for answering.

No worries! I do mining from time to time for gem count, but that’s more when I need gems and/or world locks.

I dunno.

I might just give you my playlist with 600 songs if you want.