Fast fishing hack?

is there a new hack that let you keep getting strike from fishing easiky? I was fishing on the deep sea section and a guy which is subject_______ (fake acc I guess) came using normal rod, not carbon, fiber or titanium fish infront of me and instantly got a strike. I thought he might be lucky but then after than another strike in just 10 sec, later 3rd strike occurred not more than 6 sec after he used his rod. I’m confused or either his really lucky. he later leave the world after 3rd strike

Doesn’t bamb already have fast strike in contrast to big rods?

I don’t think there are strike hacks, only hacks for catching huge fish with a basic titanium rod, bamboo rods already have fast strike without gear, If they’re catching huge fish left an right then you should report it. Otherwise, 5-10 seconds is pretty average


what are you trying to say @Celics

oweee, alright then ty

What I’m saying is similar to what Neo said, getting strike after 10 seconds with bamboo rod is not a hack