Favorite Back Item Design Submissions

Personally, I like Artling’s Cloak of Midnight

I want to know your favorite submission out of the bunch. Do reply with a picture of the item if possible.

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i like my guitar : )

if that gets added ill be able to make a full mexican set and would be my main set for a while

I think we shouldn’t reveal our favorites, It might make someone feel down because their submission was not admired, but idk?

You post it, don’t expect anything good. People may/may not call it horrible, bad, good or best base on their perspective.

My favorite submission was @Drunkhunter’s gargoyle thingie

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So far i like these the most
@torque.pw (on insta)
@up7.pw (on insta)

So Cthulhu wings with flowers?

Its a cool idea like roses growing from the wings it looks preety in my opinion

Cthulhu wings is boring redesinged item! 160pl for green dragon wings :moyai: