Favorite Items

So terraria has this silly little feature where you can “favorite” items
This could be extremely useful in pw
No more dropping/trashing the wrong item by accident
If you would favorite an item you couldnt drop or trash it anymore
and it would have a little marker next to it that would indicate that its favorited

If this was added the devs could think of adding the multidrop feature finally


I’m always paranoid that ill trash an item by mistake when i drop a bunch of stuff, so yea i want this

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finally no more dropping soil by accident

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yes, finally no more trashing poop block anymore

I trashed 5pl back when pickle pet was new, It’s crazy how basic QoL like this, inv space, “last time online” still isn’t added after all these years.

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Yeah, it was so easy to trash pl. Hard to distinguish between dropping and trashing sometimes