Favorite things to do

Hey guys and gals. I’m curious as to what you all do when you’re not playing pixel worlds or other games. What do you do in the real world?

I murder people…

I like to hang out with family and I like to read.

The person below me is lying

The person above me is lying

the person above me is not ling

Kaluub is telling the truth

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Cook, eat, sleep, maybe program something, use discord, draw a bit, walk the dog, deal with cat crap, about it

Before covid i used to skate a ton lol

I also like to procrastinate


Go ahead delete it exo you failed to delete the prev one while we were in a call and got embarassed

i mostly cook, listen music, create pixel art ,do stuff in my home,since i live in countryside… ,
walk in forest with my doggo, and more…

Okay kept begging to be my slave for some gems

read, watch animes, talk with friends, chat with friends,eat,and listen to my favourite music.

My schedule’s pretty consistent actually. I wake up at 11 am, do my homework until 6 pm, I have class till 11 pm, do my homework (again) until 2 or 3 am, play Pixel Worlds until 6 am, repeat.

i usually enjoy manipulating the world’s economy from the shadows, while hanging out with my fellow members of the New World Order.

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I draw and talk to my real life friend (I learnt drawing from him). Oh yeah, he draws stuff like this:


totally making art was my favorite
and using discord

reading books, sometimes drawing and maybe chatting on discord