Favourite CoD Zombies Maps?

So, I’ve been playing a bunch of CoD BO3 recently, and I’ve been messing around a lot with the zombies mode. Got me thinking, for those who have played a CoD game, what’s your favourite map? (You can have multiple favourites if you want.)

My personal favourite map is Kino Der Toten. The abandoned theatre theme is awesome, and the map design is interesting, plus running between the pads to link the teleporter can get pretty intense in the later rounds, which can lead to some good fun.

I’d say my second favourite map is Ascension. Launching the rocket to access Pack-a-Punch is always cool, and the monkeys that attack the perk machines lead to interesting strategies being forced out when everyone gets separated so they can protect the machines.

But I don’t like zombies.

Zombies is great though… :pensive: