Feature Improvements

Some concept art for minor feature improvements which could benefit the game.

  1. Re-order Wrench Options

    Visually better and makes the game slightly easier for newer players.

  2. Growth Time

    Add tree growth time for seeds or blocks in item info. Especially useful for farmers or just people considering farming a block. Growth time could potentially be better if displayed in the recipe book rather than item info.

  3. Mobile Fix
    When on mobile, certain features can’t be accessed if placed in specific areas; example above. Solved by making these wrenchable for the public at an appropriate range; eg. Wrench —> Collect Item Screen —> Accept or Cancel

  4. Friend Chat Tab
    A third tab for messages from friends. As I often play pixel worlds with sound muted, I miss several messages every week. The friend private message feature is heavily reliant on sound and having world chat visible.


I agree with 1 and 2.

  1. I can see players banning people by mistake when they mean to summon them.
  2. Maybe
  3. Maybe
  4. I think to many chats would be too confusing.

How is moving summon further away from ban going to cause this?

Some players might have gotten used to where the summon button is, and when they mean to summon someone they may ban them instead. Kinda like what zoom feature caused.

Agreed with number 1. Sometimes using a small phone and pressing summon to my friend ended up him getting world banned for an hour without any way to unban him

Agreed with number 2. I need growth time just incase so that I can prepare fertilizers or schedule the date of when the plant will be completely grow.

Barely Agreed with number 3, they can just put it down or lower that zone. But just incase if you can’t pick up. There’s an option either to pick it or not.

Less-Agreed with number 4, Sorry, but we can just visit our friends to chat with. No need to add this. and if he/she is pming smth. There should be another way to find your friends pm, specially if your afk.

I like the growth time one a lot. :+1:

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I agree with all unless colored “ban” or “Summon” option

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  1. No opinion
  2. Agree
  3. I don’t get it
  4. Confusing and pointless, maybe i just don’t have many friends that message me
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The friend chat is probably good, adding up where messages should be saved instead of being deleted once it was left unread or been blocked by other messages.