Final Giveaway (5 platinum locks) + bonus

Edit: massive overhaul for the giveaway
Edit 2: huge edit again
Edit 3: rules
[redacted] Was giving away 365 world locks.

1. Put your in-game name and time zone
2. no alts pls
3. please answer BOTH questions sincerely

I will choose 2 answers that touches my heart. No random number generators.

Screw it.
For early New Years time zone.
I give away 250 world lock to 1 winner.
Tell me what you dislike or regret about 2020. Tell me what your greatest hope for 2021 is.

For New Years time zone close to mine.
I give away another 250 world locks to 1 winner.
Tell me what you dislike or regret about 2020. Tell me what your greatest hope for 2021 is.

I’ll also be giving away 1 last platinum lock after my time zone New Year’s have come to pass.

You’ll have to mine for it while competing against 49 other players. All clumped together in different locked areas of the world.
Repost on other sites and applications. (Discord, YouTube, IG, idk idc)

Secret sauce.

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I’m warning you.

Don’t go any further than this.


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Turn back now.

This is the point of no return.

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I hate you.

Whoever tells me how and why I joined this game will receive my only MAX LEVEL SNOW OWL.


I dislike the fact that I had to go to school with the god damn mask on for 7hours without any break.
I don’t really regret anything about 2020 , just that I will get a F in exams , for not learning a lot since we do online.

2021 , hope the community won’t be toxic anymore , just a hope out there.
Just hoping for the people to be normal after all we are humans.
People got to open their eyes .
Probably my greatest hope is just get better about my whole situation.
No more cuts no more blood.
Good luck to the people feeling like this.
Good luck to win ~!

hey, hope i win :slight_smile: everyone else good luck! and yea, 2020 = corona, and all this annoying blm on medias, otherwise it was good year for me. 2021= man im just hoping for people to stop all this worldwide bs and start acting normal.

Many people would say this but the corona virus was the worst and I got chonk e during 2020 so fitness goals. In 2021 I hope for a cure for this virus.
A blessing for the world.
My user is iamded

Hope I win! Also if the winner wins 5pl u can split it 8wl for 50 people

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Idk man 2020 wasn’t that bad for me I mean didn’t impact me as much as other people but I hate online school is so different and I can’t hang out with my friends like before and it so hard to learn online teachers don’t care honestly lmao but that it nothing really happened :moneybag::moyai::ok_hand:

2020 was bad because some of my close family members died and alot of people are dying of covid-19.
I hope they make a cure for covid in 2021. Thats one of my greatest hopes.

I disliked in 2020 that we stayed at home and i hadn’t see my friends and of course there was A LOT of homework…

In 2021 i hope all will be better, also, i hope my “Chemistry Theater” will success and i win that school competition.

My username is prideer

What i dislike about 2020 was many things, but mainly feeling like i did nothing this year, and i hope for 2021 i actually use my time well and do something thats good for me as a person or is of actual benefit, as well as hoping for a year better than 2020 entirely. (yes i know i dont feel like formatting)

username1_ (GMT+1)

In 2020 I disliked how this stupid coronavirus limited learning for millions of people around the worlds, and how so many people have died while governments are doing practically nothing.
In 2021 I hope the stupid coronavirus will leave us and life can return to normal.

Ign: quipoass (GMT-3)

Oh boy where do we start, this year was a complete mess for me (also It’s my first time on the forums, just created this forums account because I was interested in this giveaway lol).
Well, this year was hot garbage for me, mostly because of the covid thing, up until March I was planning that this would be the greatest year of my life and I would do so much, welp, covid slapped me in the face with this one, I couldn’t see friends, my girlfriend, have fun out with my family or even have family meetings, I was just inside my room having online classes for the ENTIRE year, aside from that, online classes aren’t as easy as classes are irl, I went through a lot of difficulties this year and my grades didn’t do good, all of that rocked my motivation to keep on, I got through depression (wich I still am going through) and felt very lonely , I regret wasting so much time on my room crying about what this year could’ve been without trying to change, I just lost so much hope for all that has happened this year, well, they’re working on a cure for covid I suppose, I hope that changes 2021, it’s not gonna be 100% but it’s still gonna be way better than 2020, I just want to get out of my home and see my friends again, I just wanna have some fun outside and I believe 2021 is full of that awaiting for me! I’m sure 2021 is gonna be a greater year for everyone and everything is gonna be like it once was in no time!
While I was on my house on lockdown, I was trying to communicate with other people virtually, I started playing more pixel worlds than I ever did on those 3 years, I’ve had a ton of fun with the new friends I met and I hope we still maintain contact for a long time!
Overall, 2020 was a bad year, but that doesn’t remain forever, bad things come and go, soon, like we had the worst year, we’ll have the best year ever full of nice things happening all at once!

Good luck everyone, and I wish the best for you all! :smile:

Ign: Jayel
Time zone: GMT+8

We all could agree that 2020 was definitely the worst year ever in the 21st century. Lots of celebrities have died, all businesses including my grandma’s and dad’s are in hot water, the horrible explosion in Beirut, big fire in Australia and California, the massive 7.8 earthquake that happened in Peninsula, plans that my family made for our vacation had been cancelled, no Tokyo Olympics, movies that I looked forward to see have all been delayed, all those stupid Karens, bad economic is back and worst of all COVID-19.

And I even remember telling my friends that 2020 was going to be the best year ever since we planned to go to a lot of places. It almost came true, January and February were legit the best 2 months of my life until COVID-19 showed up and lockdown happened.

2020 sure was a wild and disastrous year. This may go down in history. I only hope that things would settle down eventually in 2021…

I guess my biggest regret is not being the best i could be for this year. I’ve been kinda an a$$ to people i talk to (online) mostly my friends and haven’t really given them time when they needed me.
I also let laziness get over me so I was unable to learn and do the things i have planned and wanted to do. (Well that’s because I’ve wasted lots of my time on random stuff.)
I wanted to do so much this year and i had so much time to do so and the year is ending yet i have not accomplished any of them.

I don’t really have hopes for 2021, but i do have hopes for myself on that year, that i would finally accomplish the things i really want to do and be better in all aspects.

IGN: Commanderder
Time: GMT +8

I’m not here to enter I’m just here for no reason lmao

What was 2020 like?
Excluding the inconvenience of not being able to go outside and that online school sucks, 2020 wasn’t really that bad for me, i achieved my goal of learning something new everyday, i started eating healthy and i started appreciating the important things in life like family. Unfortunately i did not reach a goal i wanted this year, which was to never stop. I had many ambitions in 2020, some actually requiring staying in-doors ironically (like coding ,video-game making, and becoming a better artist)
What i hope for in 2021
I’m far from a perfect person and i believe nobody can ever become perfect
But i am working on becoming better everyday, but for 2021 specifically, i want to take my time and start mastering skills like
-Talking less, thinking more
-Not being scared to apologise
-Social skills
-Thinking for myself
TL;DR 2020 hasn’t been bad, hasn’t been good, it has been just forgettable but i did learn new stuff.
Im out
In-game name : smile70
Time: UTC +2

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my greatest hopes is to get high grades so i can help my parents and what i dislike about 2020 is corona :frowning:

my ig is imej
my time zone is 7:30

That’s not a time zone tho…
Search for your country’s timezone (searchable in google)


Part 1 is starting today and ending at 12:00 P.M. PST.

HAPPY NEW YEARS and farewell. . .

Please followed the instructed rules.
No alts please. Especially alternate accounts less than a week old.

i shall drink pfizer water and chinavaccine water for 2021 i mean is this thread already ended?

omg me want join too [ world INB4 | IGN TheReal_1NB4 ]

gmt +8

i dONot lOv 2020 bEcUs IS sUCc AnD MeNi HomW0rK bEcAuSe pAnDeMiC, gIv vAcCiNe i ReQuIrE InjEcT


Less than 6 hours now.

Good luck to all participants.