!FINAL poll about WLs!

Today I’ve come to the conclusion that if you guys really want me to use a currency that is objectively worse for reasons I listed in other threads, so be it. I miss PW because of my anger about WLs.

Should I accept the fact that WLs are now restricted?
  • Yes, please. Stop complaining about WLs.
  • Yes, but don’t trade. Resist.
  • No, don’t play the game.
  • No, don’t play or interact with the game (no forums or streams)

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I think you already know our votes even before we’ll vote lol

We don’t care what you do in the game, we only want you to stop complaining about the wls.


Its ok yo have been sayin yo wanna wls back…i know its hard to afmit that wls are not currency anymore…
We just have to live with it…only then yo can realise it were not that bad! But still…its ok if yo wanna them back :slight_smile:

what is pw

password, pharrrell williams (musician), pitching wedge, pseudo-wire, palau (US postal abbreviation), power windows, per week, public works, pregnant women, phoenix wright (game), pocket watch, persistent world (gaming), psycho ward, pulse width, publisher’s weeky, plywood, pratt & whitney, professional web, professional writing (various organizations), postmenopausal women (biology), politechnika warszawska, potable water, prisoner of war, pretty woman (movie), project work, patrick wolf (musician), pennywise (band), prevailing wage, planned work (various companies), price-waterhouse (accounting firm), pulsed wave, prosecuting witness (criminal justice), precipitable water, partition wall (fire insurance), permanent way, process water, pro-wrestler, plaintiff’s witness (law), piggly wiggly (retail store), proved wrong, petawatt (10^15 watts), pressurized water (plumbing), panel wiring, place of worship (map symbol), private wire, produced water, prime-washed (coffee), picowatt, pagewidth (assembly language ASM51 assembler control), phantom works (boeing corporation), patient weight, pistol whipped (gaming), power walking (aerobic exercise), puncture wound, protest warrior, profit warning, peter weller (actor), projection welding, position width (noise model), planetary wave, providence and worcested railroad company, positively women (UK charity), pacer ware (US DoD), parent watching, people’s watch (human rights group; India), panty waist, promotion wars (game), polygon wizards (gaming), provisional wing, production waiver, priceweber (advertising company), periodic wall.

PW - Definition by AcronymFinder

thank you

“Objectively” is used for when something is based by fact. Bytecoins are not objectively worse than world locks.
You’re “objectively” annoying about all of this and I’m sure you’d find a better place in these forums not complaining every 6 seconds about world locks and actually deal with it. Quit the game if you’re so fussy over it.

Yeah. As I have said multiple times, it’s too late now to make world locks tradeable again. So if you don’t like that, I’m sorry. The devs can’t change the tradeability of locks just because a single person is complaining about it. So I suggest you quit the game altogether because the devs won’t change the tradeability just because you complain about it. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.