Finally after 1000000+ tries in secret base

This was the first ever legendary I got, im so happy

Edit: Stop saying I am clickbaiting I was just exaggerating in the title chill

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Congratulations my dude. First legendaries in the base are always the best.

This is just not true and pure clickbait, considering every secret base takes around 2 minutes to complete, it would take you 3 years and 8 months to do them, which is a longer time than the secret base update has been out.
You get an average of 3 items in every secret base, and, for the data i gathered from other players (who got the item you are referring to in this post), the item is quite common in comparison to the amount of tries you claim you did. This means you got insanely unlucky, so unlucky, that you had more chances of winning two loterries in a row before winning your item.
And for you to claim you did even more tries than 1 million is just ridiculous…
Please stop clickbaiting in your posts, it’s not cool.


Smile70 is spitting serious facts ( nobody cares)

wtf there were no silver keys 10000000 years ago. are they just recycling secret base legendaries lol

And after this, this would cost 50 million byte coins, which is 2000 platinum locks. So unless you somehow managed to them simultaneously while doing SB. You might say that u bought gems, but i don’t think anyone smart would spend a *!@^ ton of money to do that

Anyhow good job, exaggeration, but a well deserved prize

imagine doing SB with alts…