Find Traitor Feature

-Find Traitor Game-
Dynamic World - Planet
Game World - Spaceship_1

Alien NPC - for Shop
Spaceship Alien Captain NPC - for Entry

~Entry and Reward~
500 Gems for entry and only 15 game per day.

10 Pixelmate Max
1 Traitor Max

If you win with Traitor role = Reward 200 Game Point. (With extra point)

If you win with Pixelmate role = Reward 200 Game Point. (With extra point)

Killing 1 Pixelmate = 10 Game Point
Finishing 1 Task = 10 Game Point
Winning Game = Extra 100 Game Point

100 Game Point = 1 Star Ticket

You can open Infinity Chest for 1 Star Ticket
and win many wearable to costumize your spacesuit.

Legendary Prize = Elite Space Suit

Its free to play if you use (Dark Hole Portal) but you can’t earn reward. So fun if you play with friend group.

~Pixelmate Roles~

They gonna wake up in their bedrooms and electrics gonna shutdown, after electrics shutdown there will be 3 second countdown and their doors gonna open then they need to find Electric room to fix lights.

After they fix lights map gonna appear at top left corner and tasks below map.

They can see rooms on map but no room names they need to enter that room to explore, so room name will appear on map after he enter that room.

If he die he will become invisible and still continue tasks.

~Traitor Role~

Have Electro shock weapon.

Kill cooldown 25 second

Sabotage Cooldown 40 Second.

You can kill pixelmate easily by clicking punch button if he is near to you.

He can sabotage by clicking map and choose room.

Traitor needs to kill all pixelmates before they finish all tasks and repair spaceship.

There will be no vents, there will be some props and Traitor can hide in there.

If you win you gonna get Star Tickets, you can get wearable perks for traitor from Infinity Chest.
Better Vision in Dark, Hide dead body once. <-- This perks only for Traitor.

If you don’t kill anybody for 15 minutes game will count you as a afk and pixelmates gonna auto win game.

~Main Rules~

Pixelmates needs to find Traitor while fixing spaceship if they don’t Traitor will win.

You can’t use bad words while discussing.

You need to give infos if you report dead body.

There is red button middle of the spaceship, you can click that to start discuss with pixelmates.

Everyone can vote to mute player if he is toxic.

~Voting System~
There will be voting board after they discuss in chat.
You can vote by click on that player or you can skip if you don’t have good proof.

Everyone will have different tasks (Random)

You can only vote (Suspect) player on voting if there is less than 3 dead body.
So this feature will make game more fun and better because they can’t kill someone so fast , in that case Traitor can make other players suspect too by blaming them.

~Thanks for Reading~
I tried to explain as much as I could, hope you like it :smiley:. - Editson


Honestly, it’s just Among Us with a different perspective, because instead of being top-down, it’s front-on. The items and NPCs look nice, but maybe they could be used in a more creative way? Like, maybe there could be a space tag mini-game, where people can hide in objects, and once someone has been found, they could be converted to the seekers team to help find others?


Alas! We must seek out the traitor!
Hmm, the crewmate of the orange color is looking rather suspicious, yellow!
Indeed he is, we shall host ourselves a civilized debate!

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Dare I say, it is quite possible that our orange ‘friend’ is that of an impostor!
We must take action upon this immediately good friend, and assure that they suffer the grim fate of being ejected from our ship.

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ok thats epic but i dont think it will be added into the game. good job tho :revolving_hearts:

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Great idea, I just think it will not work that well with Pixel Worlds’ playerbase

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Good job, appreciate the work put into it, but this is not something the devs would add.

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we don’t need another chest of scams :neutral_face:
the one we have already scams us enough

Copy of among us -_-

I actually like the suits
But the idea nah.
I’d agree with what fyn said so that it would be different

Lets not copy games and paste them into PW. We already have Jetpack Joyride part 2.

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Everywhere I go, I see amogus

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Slamming fist on table

Amogus (20 characters)

True (2O characters)