Finishing epwr questline

i got 260k gems and tons of exp! this quest was amazing

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Do you profit when doing these quests? Or just completely for fun

i did it for video content , i used like 14-15 pl to buy sets (i bought kinda expensive)

Yeh you lose pls but serxan is waiting for the white epwr

Btw serxan I made some art for what the new epwr would look like ages ago you can use it in your thumbnail if us want

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Oh wow it looks pretty good

I’m not a good artist but if I’m just reskinning something it’s alright

I dont buy those i GAIN EM

Looks very noble

How’d u bois know if there actually will be a n ew EPWR

Congratulations! ^-^

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The Pixel Ranger suits are inspired by Power Rangers basically


people have been saying the next one will be white im pretty sure jake said it

it could be myth, ive always thought next one will be blue

im pretty sure it wont be cuz commander_k has blue pwr already and that would ruin his dev item

Commander K has some kind of cyan blue set, but Epwr quest npc has pretty cobalt blue if im not wrong

commander-k-1_orig epwr

Or i am colorblind :neutral_face:

nah i think its just the picture quality im pretty sure they are both the same

Well I still dont think a blue EPWR will come out