First Time Posting

Hello everyone
i created my PW account few days ago and i really don’t know how to begin
Any tips will be appreciated
Thanks in advance!

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I’d suggest first completing the tutorial quests and then getting some byte coins in any way. Afterwards you can try to buy yourself a decent weapon, such as the Naginata or the Executioners Axe and do some Netherworld using Red Scrolls (you’ll understand if you completed the tutorial quests). After that, you’ll get gems much more efficiently. Afterwards, up to you what you want to do. Perhaps you could try out mining or fishing, finding some friends (although be careful with who you trust), trading with other players, getting some pets of your own, enjoying some Jet Race, and otherwise having fun! Best advice I can give is to trust nobody, even if they say they are “trusted”.


Checkout the videos from Pixel worlds Game official channel they have many tutorials on how to get yoour first world lock etc, you may asweel check the latest video uploaded today from jake where he did a speedrun and got an world lock in under 25 mins here is a link to it: