Fishers, how much do you earn per day?

I do mining and I can gain a stable amount of wls but I want to switch to fishing with a good gear, so how much do you earn per day? In gems or in wls

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50k gems, I guess. :gem:

Well, it really depends on the rod/lure. As for me (G Jerk + Carbon), I tend to get around 15 - 50k gems per day, depending on how long I would fish.

Watching Youtube is definitely recommended during fishing. This is one aspect that makes fishing better than mining.

Tbh mining is way better than fishing but it is too unstable rn so I switched to fishing. Also i get like 30k gems but it I don’t fish all the time.

I usually get bored and get 500 gems a day

Could someone explain in what way mining is unstable currently since I was considering switching over to mining

I just watch youtube and can usually do other things when fishing, since I have multiple devices I’m able to fish on multiple accounts while still using one entirely to just watch YouTube and stuff, and just have SFX & volume high so whenever there’s a fish I know, I pretty much fish for however long I choose since I never necessarily get bored, with this I’m unsure of the exact number of gems I can get so I had no point in writing any of this, but it’s somewhere high in the dozens of thousands, probably 100k+

So mining rn is unstable because the prices of keys are unstable some buy silver keys 2/3 while gold keys 2/7 and if you try to buy the same keys for 2/3 you don’t find a seller So I decided to buy silver keys 1/2 and used them up but when I started to sell gold keys 1/4 no one was buying it so I switched to fishing few days ago.

Around 35-50k a day.

i am literally not making profit rn, just lurking around and being bored…

Yeh the game is boring rn I really hope the card game is good we need the card game to be good

i didn’t meant that, im just not in profiting mood :grin:

just chillin and listening some music

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Approximately 50-100k gems if I have enough time for it. I do watch a lot of YouTube videos in regards to politics/relationships or simply listen to the music while conversing with other people so I can pretty easily do it at the same time.

imagine needing motivation to profit on Pixel Worlds

this post was made having multiple devices allowing you to fish on multiple accounts at once while still having another device that you can use to watch youtube listen to music browse websites etc and really just needing to give pixel worlds next to no attention since you can just catch fish with one hand gang

shoot, I caught multiple fish while making this post

i meant mood not motivation.

imagine needing to be in the mood to profit too :sunglasses:

None, because i dont fish

It really depends on everything when it comes to fishing but I have done like 100k gems in 1 hour with multiple accounts.

What happens if both devices has a strike at the same time?

Sometimes I can multitask and manage to catch both at once, if it’s an ingrediant, treasure, or lost lure then there’s no issue, and I use bamboo superior, so getting large fish only happens every now and then so I’ve never had two large at once, so usually I can just catch the faster fish then the other, since you have a few seconds to tap the button once a fish strike happens, a lot of the time I can catch one fish before I even need to start the other

You just leave the other fish