Fishing beginner tips?

Does anyone can give me fishing beginner tips? I haven’t played the game for a long time I forgot most of the things i known in this game.

Also is there like a cheap fishing set?

You can invest in mining if you want some challenge while earning, and if you’re lazy like me do fishing. Sadly many fishing gears are quite expensive tho

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I’m a fishing dabbler who was terrible at it when I first used a bamboo rod. Now I want to try my hand at large fish

In short the rod is absolutely the most important thing . All the other stuff is mainly fluff to save you on lures or catch fish quicker , and maybe not lose many …

I’m not sure fishing should be 100% perfect anyway - that would get boring .

Doing the upgrades on the basic rod is worth it for the quest and it’s cheap to do, but you can’t catch big fish with it. The last two upgrades bring an increase in the fish reeling in space.

However looking at upgrading a titanium rod seems dumb to me cos it’s going to be a lot cheaper to buy one…! I’m not going titanium just seems too expensive

I’m blessed with having acquired vast numbers of ingredients so i am working on the carbon rod at the moment. Is it any good? Don’t know yet …

It’s a background past time for me so I’m not on it all the time

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You’ll get better in controlling the fish’s speed over time

Try get smaller fishes and better-at-fishing gears like seadog leggings. Once you feel like being on the big game, go on every ‘higher strike chance’ gears and use more expensive baits

Get fishing quests, try craft equipments from your left-overs

be pro-active on a piranha fishing event, piranha has the same values but more uncommon under different waters


What’s the avarage players online fishing everyday? Because I know it’s long.

Well, muscle memory will come back to you once you start fishing again. If I was you, start of with a bamboo rod and with the cheapest of lures, (breadbait, for example), then once you start profiting, you can go do your own thing!

A bit more than 1, that’s all I can really tell you, lol.

actually titanium rods are the best fishing items to craft for profit and it has been like that since always i think, not sure of the profit now but years ago i used to make huge profit spending 30wls on making fine titaniums worth 60wls

I’ve been fishing for 4 hours and i got liike prob 6k gems ._.

Also I think I encountered a huge fish but idk how to actually get the fish because it’s like going on 100 miles per hour

It depends on the type of gear and rod that you are using.

I tried using titanium rod, and it’s way harder than using bamboo rod for some reason.

Like, it’s so common to find fishes that are SO fast with titanium rod. And titanium rod without upgrade is actually pretty hard to use.

Right now, I have flawless bamboo rod and titanium rod.

Use what you are used to.

I am only used to superior bamboo rod right now ._.

Better than nothing bro.

Titanium rod would be harder to use because you’re using the base one. The more you upgrade it, flawless > to superior etc. The better it gets.

Let’s start off by talking a bit about the rods themselves.

Bamboo has a higher strike chance but a chance to catch more tiny, small fish.

The fiberglass one used to be considered “the best for fishing profit” back in the day because it had an average strike change and a slight chance to get huge fish too.

Carbon rod is what I feel like it is the best rod right now. Carbon rod gives you a higher chance to catch medium, large and huge fish, but the better the rod, the slower the strike. It has a slower strike chance than the other 2 but it should give you larger fish.

Titanium rod is the rod that will give you the most large and huge fish… Or at least it is supposed to. It’s easier to control and such but only AFTER you upgrade it… If you use the base one, you’ll get large/huge fish and you won’t have the equipment to actually catch them, that’s why it is best if you use a bamboo base rod and build your way up.

There are also a few items like the Toga which helps with slowing the fish speed.

I wouldn’t waste money on uncommon rare etc baits since it’s not worth it with a basic rod. You can also get a few fishing items by completing specific achievements. I feel like a good item is also the necklace that prevents you from losing your bait. But since your rod is basic and you may lose a lot of fish, I would prefer the common bait until you build your way up.

The way I do it… I have a superior fiberglass, I have a superior carbon and a superior titanium rod… All built in a very long time. I fish the common bait using the fiberglass rod, it gives me smaller fish but the strike rate is higher and the lure is bad so I don’t have to sit there for 10 hours for a fish to bite.

The uncommon lure I prefer fishing with my carbon sup and full strike items.

The rare lures I fish using my titanium rod… It does take longer for the rod to catch fish but if you use rare lures it’s doable. Plus I want to get the max profit from the best lures so I want a bigger fish size therefore more gems.

Summary > the better the rod, the better the fish size. The more upgraded the rod is, the slower the fish will feel to you. If right now a medium fish feels like it swims with “100 miles an hour”, once you upgrade your bamboo to superior it’ll feel like it’s really slow.

It’s all up to your upgrades & lure.

I hope this gave you a bit of insight about how things work.


Dont fishing fish, just fishing inggridient, and will make ur more profit.
Wear bubble pipe

Rod just use bamboo. Whatever grade.

And use neon lure

This tips for very beginner fisher

Very lucky if u catch diamon ring.
And just go to buy bamboo sup

I haven’t seen anyone using only a set for ingredients, and I doubt it’s more lucrative than an average set

Fishing is so easy, you just gotta choose the right spot!


How fish spawns at a bathtub


Actually, fishermen looking for fish sell their gems. and it takes a long time if you don’t use the titan sup set, maybe a day along. But if u Fishing the ingredient, diamond ring can answer your problem if you are poor. Or u can be crafter fishing set. The chance of getting a diamond ring is between 100-200 lures. Maybe 1.5-3 hours And maybe 5 hours at most just for 1 dring