Fishing bug(?)

i am losing half of my lures even tho i wear fishing amulet and get strikes like per 2 minute

How many lures did you have?
if you had 10 lures and lost 5 it wouldnt be too bad, if its 500 and you lost 250 then its getting interesting…

i actually counted it 3 times
first i used 5 lures lost 4
second 5 lures lost 3
and third 5 lures lost 4
it is not normal i created an alt acc and fishing with it with the same gears and didn’t lose any lures out of 50

Weird… I’m used to quadruple fish and I’m not losing lures (except when i accidentally press the interact button on the wrong window)…

Normally you aren’t supposed to lose lures when you wear amulet…

and now my alt acc is the same

NOW THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME, How did you solve it?

Seems like this bug is starting to appear on everyone now…


I used like 2k lures recently and i wasn’t losing lures with amulet… weird… by recently, i mean few days ago…

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Bit of common sense here. If you’re fishing and you keep losing lures, then don’t fish until the problem gets solved.:man_facepalming:

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Perhaps the bug only occurs on certain Devices? Like someone has complained b4, the game was really buggy for IOS devices. The Microsoft Store version is also notorious for being really buggy

I used around a stack lure (more or less) then the bug showed up (Device - Windows 10)

To you guys who have the same problem, use another account, I just found out this bug MAYBE caused by perks/mannequin. and yes don’t use perk in you alt account or it will bug you off for eternity.

There’s no way to fix this with our own hand, gotta wait till devs does a thing about it.

Which platform you used to play? Cuz i used steam and phone version (both acc had perks especially the one to get faster strike) and i never got this bug… Pretty sure you used the microsoft store version…

I’m using the steam version.