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where the person who says “titanium rods must take a long time to strike”
I’ve changed to dark carbon, but sooner someone use a superior titanium rod. What does it mean?!
please, make items like earrings or ring, which can really increase strike speed. and ask the developer to make items so that carbon sup/dark carbon users will eliminate the opportunity to get tiny and small fish. but does not reduce the effect of its fast attack. tq

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My english is not really good. And this feel when I play game pw, this problem is make me wanna say bad things.

But to answer the question titanium rod is basically only good for catching large fish,

where as with the other rods you can catch all types of fish but they have a low change of catching large fish

Or something

I suggest you to be patient and have pro fisher gear.
Titanium is a very good rod.