Fishing its importance and how much it can make you

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I’m Samurai,
Is fishing really worth it. Direct answer is: Yes it is.
Why is it so that Fishing is a good way to profit. Firstly fishing is preferred if you want to make gems really quicky it even includes for Bytes,World locks.

How do you get bytes through fishing. Its simple, Firstly go to pwe go to “sell” and select the fish you wanna sell. And do ensure you sell it for its average price and then wait till someone buys it.

Why’s it so people would buy your fishes in pwe?
Answer: It is so that if they don’t want to put too much effort on to fishing themselves they can always go to pwe to buy them, As a result most players buy them for crafting gears.

How do you make world locks out of fishing?
Answer: Simply by collecting all of them and calculating for its price and then placing them in worlds then later on selling them 2.5k fgems for 1 wl depends on the price you wanna put on.

Then later on normally comes the selling fishes for gems which is a normal way to gain profit.

The fishes you’ll need to make profit in my opinion?

  1. Sea angler, 2. Halibuts, 3. Carps 4. Tuna, 5. etc.

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