Fishing or mining? And why? 🤔

Thoughts? :thinking:


  • Gives amount of gems from gemstones, gives you a lot of profits into it. you can go to the mines and get the gemstones by yourself and mine is better than fishing.


  • if you want to get many gems or sell the medium fis has/ingredients then go for it.
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•Gives more profit (or so I’ve heard)
•How fast you profit also depends on how fast you can finish it.
•Better for players who do not want to sit and wait.

•Better for players who wants to just sit and wait while doing something else.
(I don’t have experience in fishing so I can’t say much.)

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I do both activities, mining and fishing.

However, I prefer mining over fishing because I think it’s more fun, being active and moving around the MINEWORLD, instead of just sitting waiting for a fish to strike. Also I feel like mining gives me more gems.


  • Way more engaging and fun

  • Better source of gems (imo)


  • You can afk but hella boring

  • Has fish gem clan bonus

I choose mining personally i started hating fishing after the first 4 months it came out

I prefer fishing.
Usually I spend my time doing homework so I like to do afk fishing. Mining is faster and better for more gems.

Tried mining as my main way of making profit but later went back to fishing as it’s much more easier. Mining gives you more gems but I’m satisfied with the gems that I get from fishing, still profitable.

Fishing = easy gems
Mining = Easy wls