Fishing or Mining?

Which is better Fishing or Mining?

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It depends actually. If you think you’re more into an adventure and challenge mining is good and you can profit throughout the time even though fishing is profitable too but mining is way faster. Fishing is chill, fishing gives more EXP than mining by the way but mining gives more gems if you could run a complete Level 5.

Mining is disconnecting with a platinum key :slight_smile:

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That happened to me the first time I went there, never tried it again.

Mining, it’s profitable.

Here is the tip for mining buy silver key 3/6 Use them all u will get 210 nugget and 6-7K gem sell them for gold key 2/9 Gem 3K/1 You can profit 30-40min/5WLS if you are using master pickaxe or epic you can do it for lvl 4 (This tip for newbies)

I would go for Mining for gems and stuff, while fishing for tournaments and quests. Though mining is a bit boring and frustrating with loew internet connection.

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In my opinion, I would recommend you to go for mining, since it’s more fun and you get a great amount of gems from it, if you invest well.

But you are free to pick the one that you like the most.

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I would say mining as well if you’re looking for a quicker profit. Though it isn’t for everyone… Even though I have a full mining set I don’t bother, I prefer the lazy farming method, AFK fishing.

It highly depends on what kind of player you are.


If you have nether souls i can buy thegm 50/1

I would definitely go with mining.