Fishing revamp, will make art soon!(or someone can help make)

From my discord suggestion :smiley:

Guys lets be realistic, fishing is boring, so lets make it more exciting by putting new rods and more! My idea is to have different types of hooks, each one specializing in catching either tiny, small, medium, large or huge! The plan is to also put in new types of fish, such as codfish, which requires a snow background. another is the rods themselves, they look a bit basic, i’ve been fishing a lot myself and they tend to look like the dark carbon fibre(until cast) it would be more appealing to look at and i guess would attract more people to fishing. another is to use (i forgot what the real name was) a block bait that players can drop on a block of water and it will increase number of fish bites, this effect has a area radius of 3-5 blocks. More on the rods, weights, bobbers, multiple hooks! each one lets you do a different thing The weights gives you a better chance to catch bigger and rarer fish the bobber increases bite chance, but gives more chance to catch tiny and small fish. multiple hooks lets you catch multiple fish at once, but it will use multiple bait, basically, you catch a fish, and it gives a chance to catch more, the more hooks with bait you use, the better chance of catching more. However there is also chance that it will not catch anything, which kinda balances it out. This will make players buy multiple rods for different purposes, or have different hooks and a new block: the fishing box. What the box does, is basically let you change a hook or weight/bobber for the price of gems( for example, change 1 hook/bobber/weight=250 gems). another thing is to have rare species of fish, i mean, we have the legendary soil, why not have legendary fish? This would make more people fish to try and get it I will list items/blocks here to make it easier to see what they do: Hooks: small hook: good for small/tiny fish, can have up to 5 on 1 rod. Medium hook: good for medium fish, can have up to 3 on a hook Large and huge hook: good for large and huge fish, can have up to 2 per rod.


add hooks to fishing, add more rods, change rod look to that of dark carbon fibre. New block called tool box lets u change hooks and weights for gems, hooks change chance of a certain size of a fish, weights/bobbers do this too.


The suggestion is less-good. but you should’ve added a tldr so that we wont read that long…
legendary fish is good too and also as fishing box but why add do we have to add hooks and wear 2 rods in 1 player?

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It makes it easier to fish and profit, i mean if you keep changing ur hooks then u will lose a lot of gems.

The hooks are risky cuz if u got 4 hooks then it uses 4 bait and doesn’t guarantee u getting 4 fish, it gives you the chance to catch 2 or more.

i get it, if this gets added then ppl will get stonks.

yea, i guess its also for rods price to go up a bit cuz people need a few.

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The hooks are balanced enough. 4 bait for 1-4 fish is i guess an acceptable idea although i predict that if this was added people will use the large hooks+heavy weights to fish for huge fish on titanium sup. the thing i said that i forgot the name was will definitely be in good demand.

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