Fishing Tournament Alts

For the past few months, alt accounts in the fishing tournaments have been very prominent and have been used to get upwards of 300K gems across all the accounts (of course, depending on the amount of accounts) as well as several trophies. This is clearly exploiting the system as well as making it much harder to get higher positions for newer players. I believe that you should only be allowed to participate in the tournament once per device (meaning multiple people in the same building aren’t as affected) would be a decent fix for this, because at that point it’d be much harder to exploit the system (you’d need a lot of devices to use all the accounts). Hopefully this can be implemented in some form, the way it is right now is rather unfair.

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I used to make a topic about it when the player uses alts to win.
ex. Player wins #2, Player_alt wins #1.

The developers should add something to declare them as winners fairly. Like a approval-button only for moderators or developers. if the developers sees suspecion they’ll ban it.

but you only need 2-3 accounts to win on each tournament right? many people have >3 devices that are capable of running pw; well at least where i live anyway.
i agree that yes it would reduce the numbers but in a way it would make it more unfair. i can’t really think of any other alternatives though.

By device is probably the best way, and while yes, people can have multiple devices, it would change the number from like 20+ alts to maybe 3 to 5 alts. I’m not sure if there is a better way.

Just be more competitive, don’t let 100 alt accounts win the tournament like bruh(xd), be a competitor on the tournament. Like don’t be lazy, be the first place. Remember it’s all about luck, so there is no way that just 1 person can just dominate the whole tournament or like all the top places.
Idk just try to be better than some alt accounts.

I mean, I did that to an extent, it’s more about the fact that instead of 50 players getting a reward, it’s more like 30 real players and 20 alts (or even more, who knows).