Fishing upgrades and set items

Is there a resource or list that states what the different size and/or type of fish can be used to make?

For clarity I’ll use an example

Medium Butterfly fish are used to upgrade a bamboo rod from flawless to superior…

So can they be used elsewhere? Where is the list that shows what each fish can make or upgrade?

My qu. Comes about because I have vast numbers of ingredients for items or rod upgrades but never know the required fish, of which I know also have in numbers…
I’m not so interested in Gems at the moment and don’t really need to sell at all


pixel worlds wiki will help you

vendor in pixelstation??

Thanks for the answers of course I know those.

I just want a single list format which lists the fish first and not the item nor upgrade and one where I don’t travel around the game to find it …

I assumed someone might have done one in the past … mind you I did search