Fishing worlds Are empty:(

Hello do u remember when world FISHFULL and lot more fishing worlds were full of people only few months Ago!but now they Are empty there Are no people in FISHFULL and in other old fishing worlds:( i hope that thread would make them more Active now, (,probably not.) Some worlds i remember: FISHRED,AEGISFISH,WORLD these were on of my favourites fishing worlds that Are empty of people now:(

Do u remember these worlds? Xd

The trend has started going towards fish type specific worlds, as more players have also started buying lures from lure shops instead of getting lure packs themselves, so most players use only one lure most of the time, so they are looking for the best world for that lure.
The worlds you listed all had spots for every type of fish, but of course those spots are not as good as their dounterparts in fish type specific worlds, hence players changing to fish type specific worlds.

I know and thats pretty sad these worlds r gone:d